By Violetta Nespolo, Luca Powell, Leonardo March & Baidi Wang
The COVID-19 pandemic is the event of this century, unfortunately for us. It's impacts have reached every aspect of our lives, from the way people greet each other to the structure of work.

And COVID's impacts have been many. With this in mind, the COVID-19 project explores various question through interactive mediums:

What is your risk of death by the virus?

What was it's impact on an airline industry left on life support?

What did it feel like to travel home for families scattered across the world?

How did voices on Twitter echo around the world?

And what did the wealthiest among us do to lend a hand?

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This project was developed for Craft of Journalism II: Advanced Interactive Reporting class, taught by Sandeep Junnarkar and TC Mccarthy (also known as Tony Stark).


Leonardo March
Leonardo March is a visual journalist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Violetta Nespolo
Violetta is a Marketing Manager and graduate student at the CUNY Newmark School of Journalism. She is specializing in writing and photography, with a concentration in Arts & Culture: visual arts, food and travel.

Luca Powell
Luca Powell is a reporter in the international concentration at the Newmark School of Journalism. His reporting focuses on refugees and Southeast Asian diasporas in New York.

Baidi Wang
Baidi Wang, a graduate student at Newmark J-school at CUNY focusing on data journalism, aspires to be a visual journalist. She likes being a news and technology nerd to tell more good visual stories.

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